Hand Stamped Disk Necklace

Customization is Outstanding

Personalized jewelry always makes a great gift, regardless of the occasion, because people appreciate the fact that you invested time and effort in picking out something aptly suited to their tastes. This necklace with a disk-shaped pendant as the centerpiece could be a simple piece, but the “hand stamped” feature is what enhances its appeal and makes it special. Get the initial of your loved one embossed on the disc, so they can dangle it from the sleek chain provided and wear it every day – it serves as a wonderful reminder of your thoughtful gift. Buying for yourself is also a lucrative option – please consider it as well.

Material: 14K Gold Filled Vermeil 

Chain Type: Cable Chain

Can add up to 6 Disks! [Please email us if you would like to add more]

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