How to Measure Neck

How to Measure Your Neck


  1. Wrap a soft tape measure around your neck, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor as you measure. If you do not have a soft tape measure you can use a piece of string.


  1. Add 2 ~ 4" ( 5~10 cm) to your neck measurement to calculate your minimum recommended chain length. This will prevent the chain from sitting too tightly around your neck. 


  1. If you want a choker necklace, however, you can stick with your exact neck measurement instead of adding any excess length. 


  1. If you cannot customize the necklace length to your neck size, simply choose the second size up from your neck size as your minimum necklace measurement. For example, if your neck size is 17 inches (43 cm), your minimum standard should be 20 inches instead of 18 inches (45 cm). 

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