Crystal Name Custom Necklace

The Bling Quotient

Want your name to be showcased in a memorable way? Wear this necklace to call attention to the objective. Crafted in a stylish, curvy script, your name will serve as a stunning centerpiece for the necklace. The cubic zirconia detailing is present in abundance, with the stones being studded on each of the letters, wonderfully heightening the aesthetic appeal. The locket is made of premium quality sterling silver and polished with gold, which imparts an irresistible sheen. Gorgeous and beautiful – words fall short while describing this masterpiece you will be proud to own and add to your collection. Please order now!

Material: Gold Plated over Sterling Silver [Gold, Silver or Rose Gold]

Chain: Cable or Box

Pendant Size: 1.5cm-4.5cm

Thickness: 1.2mm


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