Best Friends For...


Finish the sentence... "best friends for..." Solidify your friendship with these mini customized necklaces. Comes packaged individually on a "best friends for" jewelry card.

Product Details
  • Made from Sterling Silver
  • 24K Gold/Rose Gold Plated
  • Chain type: Cable, Box, Curb
  • *Note: Base price comes with a SET of 2 necklaces. More can be added.*
"Jewels" Rules

There are some things that can be avoided to ensure many years of enjoyment from your jewelry.

  • Avoid interaction with chemicals.  Some everyday chemical combinations can be harsh on gold and silver.
  • Cleaning products can affect the surface of the bracelets, necklaces, rings, robbing them of its natural sheen.
  • Remove your jewelry when taking a shower, cleaning, and applying makeup, lotions, hairspray or perfume.
  • Chlorine may affect the color of your gold plated jewelry and we therefore recommend removing all gold jewelry before entering a pool and/or hot tub.
  • Remove your jewelry when changing clothes or sleeping, as it may cling to fabric and break or rip.
  • Recommend keeping jewelry in individual sealed packaging to help prevent tarnishing.

This item is personalized/made to order.  Product *may* take up to 14 business days (M-F) to ship.

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