Arabic Name Bracelet

Bear your name with élan, etched in lovely and exotic Arabian script for the world to see! Made with sterling silver, and plated with high quality gold, the locket serves a delightful centerpiece for your bracelet. The Arabic font imparts an aura of unconventionality – we have incorporated a translator link, so you can enter your name, translate, and send it to us while placing the order. Your name will appear exactly the way it is translated. We believe in perfection, so rest assured you won’t be disappointed! The bracelet can make a great surprise gift for your loved ones on their birthday.

Material: 24K Gold Plated Over Sterling Silver [silver, gold or rose gold plated]

Bracelet Size: 5.5", 6.5", 7.5"

Chain Type: Rolo

Please provide us with the translation in Arabic. If you need assistance, please use google translate or email us. LINK below can be used to translate:


*Other languages can be created upon request*

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