[JBD Exclusive] Old English Name Necklace

šŸ“ø Stand out with this personalized piece as seen on Durrani's InstagramĀ šŸ“ø

Express yourself by personalizing your jewelry with your name or the name of a loved one.


Made from sterling silver and plated with the highest quality gold, this necklace grabs your attention as the center of your outfit.

Each order comes with a personalized name plate and your choice of gold plated, rose gold, or solid gold necklaces in a variety of lengths.

*Name pendant also available in two sizes; Mini 2cm or Standard 3cm*


WeĀ cannotĀ guarantee this product will be in stock for much longer.

Due to it's Limited Edition, we also cannot guarantee that there will be anymore onceĀ it is completely sold out.

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