Calligraphy Name Necklace

The ultimate calligraphy necklace showcases a beautiful and unique font that is immediately noticeable due to the intricacy of its etchings. You can wear this fun and quirky emblem every day to work without worrying about it going out of style! There are options for selection of chains.

  • Made from Sterling Silver (or solid gold, stainless, steel, brass)
  • 24K Gold/Silver/Rose Gold Plated
  • Chain type: Box, Rolo, Twist (14K Solid Gold *only*)
  • *14K Solid Gold not available in 20” chain length*

"Jewels" Rules

Use Basic Home Care Instruction Card information. Recommend keeping jewelry in individual sealed packaging to help prevent tarnishing.


This item is personalized/made to order. Product *may* take up to 14 business days to ship. 

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