The Perfect Recipe For An At Home Spa Night

The Perfect Recipe For An At Home Spa Night

June 07, 2019

Hi Dolls!

No plans this weekend? Don't worry that's our favorite type of weekends. 

Our favorite thing to do on a night in with no plans is an at home little DIY spa night.

Trust us it's everything you need for some me time.

Who doesn't love some relaxation? This spa night will only require some simple planning to make sure you have everything set up for the ultimate at home experience.

As always we have everything you will need to make the perfect spa night for yourself....


Stage the evening

So you're not at a luxury location spa, but you sure can fake it in your own fresh and tidy bathroom.

First, clear out the clutter.
Light candles around the bathroom, get a playlist of your favorite soothing music. Grab your comfiest robe, safest towels and some clean wash clothes. Have a pitcher of cold water with some fresh mint or lemon slices to sip on.

This is the perfect set up so you will have everything you will need for yourself to not move from the tub for as long as you want to relax. 


Slather on a hair mask

Once you're out the bath is the perfect time to slather on a hair mask for you to sleep in. 

You will love this because in the morning when you shower to get ready for the day you will have the most perfect soft hair.

You can ether DIY a hair mask, or use straight coconut oil (one of our favs) or pick up one from your local drug store!


Go face - first into a sheet mask

Face masks, filled with rich ingredients, are a mess-free affordable solution for an at home facial. Apply to a makeup-free, freshly cleaned face and just lay and let all the goodness soak in!

Two suggestions on our favorite face masks are:

1)  Hyaluronic Sheet Mask ($4, - If you're looking tired, this was will help plump up lines for a bouncy dewy finish.

2) Leaders Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask ($5, - If your face feels sensitive or lacks radiance, hydrating mask will do the trick. This one soothes and restores a glow.



Once you feel most relaxed, you've gone through everything on your beauty routine  it's time for sleep.

Turn off your mobile, stay powered down and possible try some simple meditation
action to get yourself centered.

Be sure to blow all the calming candles you lit previously and enjoy your relaxing night's sleep.


We hope you love all of these little ideas for your at home spa night. We try and do this as often as we get the chance.

A little me time goes a long way!

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