Self Care

Self Care

March 29, 2019

Hi Dolls!

How did everyone do with their motivation this week with our tips and tricks we shared in our last blog?!

We hope we gave you some good inspiration that geared you toward a positive and productive week. Gotta take care of our boss babes ;)

As we approach the weekend we want to talk about self care and how we all unwind from our busy schedules.

Self care and de-stresssing from the week helps you go into the next week with a clear head, recharge and re-motivate yourself. 

So today we are sharing some of our tips for our personal self care regiments to help you find your center too.


1. Make Time For Reflection

We are all about meditation at the JBD headquarters, all of us girls love it!

We can't convey enough how zen we get after just spending 5 minutes meditating. If you are a newbie there are tons of guided meditations on YouTube to help you get going!

Although we strongly suggest it, (trust us on this one babes), we recognize it's not for everyone because it does take some practice and effort to meditate. But just some simple quite time of reflecting on yourself will also do just fine.


2. Unplug


Unplug for an hour or two from your cellphone electronics and social media. It's essential to disconnect every now and again.

Trust me we get it this isn't an easy task... some of us run a business right from your cell. You will come up with every excuse not to completely shut down but it is so worth it to take that break.

Switch everything to airplane mode and just be present in the moment weather you are alone or spending time with loved ones


3. Run a Bath

This one is really underrated!

The simplicity of running yourself a bath putting your favorite bath bomb in it.

Letting all the candles out and setting the environment as if you were at a spa will really get you to unwind.

We love to put on soft music or bring your current read into the bath with you. We promise this will do wonders for the soul.


4. Veg Out


Sometimes your body just needs some down time. When you are constantly on the go living a busy life style it can start to catch up to you. 

Spend sometime just watching your favorite Netflix series or finally finishing that book you picked up and never gave yourself time to finish. 


Dolls, put your favorite comfy pajamas in and relax this weekend. We promise Monday will be much easier for you, and you can start your week with a fresh mind. 


In the process of vegging out if you end up online shopping ;) we have upped our game on our personalized pieces!

You are now able to actually take something handwritten and put it on a piece in the exact font it was written down as. 

We feel this is the most unique jewelry you can find, no one will ever be able to have the same as yours.

You can use your own personal signature, or even a loved ones!



The more text you have, the smaller it will need to be engraved.
We recommend short phrases.
We can range the text to fit best but it’s generally a good idea to keep your messages short. Like, “I love you! Daddy” or “You’ll always be my little girl”.
If it’s much more than that, the text gets pretty small.


It's very simple to order one of these pieces.

When selecting any of our handwriting products you will just upload the image of what you want on it and then just like that it's created!


Handwriting Signature Ring


Custom Signature Necklace

JBD Team

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