New Year Same Us

New Year Same Us

January 22, 2019

Hi Dolls!



What's everyone's plans this New Years? We're not sure if we're staying in on our besties couch in cute pajamas, or going out for a wild night full of glitter and an excuse to get dressed to the nines.

Either way- whether you're staying in or going out all night, I'm sure you'll be hearing those "new year new me" (yuckkkk) phrases all night/week long. There's just no avoiding it.

New Years is definitely the time to make some changes in your life for the better, but we like to make some goals we can stick to. Also dolls, it does make it a little easier if you start now and ease your way into those changes (aka if it's a health goal you're aiming for don't over do it with the cookies at your holiday parties).

It's much easier to actually accomplish goals when you start making a few small changes in advance.

Don't worry we've always got your back- below is a few New Years goals you may have in mind with a reasonable plan to kick it in action. This way you can be "New Year Same boss babe me- with a couple of adjustments"

New Year New Active Self 


Let's be realistic here ladies: If you haven't been to a gym in 6 months you will probably go every single day of the month of January - if that and then be OVER it. So let's start small and stick with it.

Think about your work schedule do you work nights? do you do a 9-5? Start with committing 2-3 days a week that you can absolutely fit in your schedule, to get to a gym go for a walk or join a yoga studio- whatever your preference is and get to it.

Committing these days a week will help hold you to it. You will look at it more as an obligation and be less likely to skip.

New Year New Healthy Self

Skip the fad diets ladies!! That's the first piece of advice we can give you. There so hard to stick to and the second you stop following it to the T you put the weight right back on. 

Honestly if you want to stick to something that works you have to slowly change your habits. For starters the easiest way to go about this is cut the junk out! Stop binge watching Netflix with a bag of your fav chips and dip because before you notice the bags gone!

Put some simple effort into thinking about your meals- like stop last minute heating up a frozen pizza and stock your fridge with some healthy options. If you stop buying the chips and the junk you won't be tempted to go for it. Instead replace them with some veggies, to dip in hummus for a healthy alternative. 

For your meals think about the healthy things you like and put a few together on a Sunday night- we promise it won't take more than an hour to do and you can buy a cute lunch  box to keep you motivated to bring to work. 

New Year New Hydrated Self 
This one is so simple we can't stress it enough. It's time to ditch the soda's and fruit juice drinks that are loaded with calories and sugar. Water is good for legit EVERYTHING. Promotes good skin, healthy weight loss, flushes out toxins , boosts immune system and the list goes on and on. 

Buy a cute water bottle to match your lunch box and start drinking! Every day meet your water goal don't be lazy with this one because it's that SIMPLE. 

New Year New Organized Self

For all us busy bee boss babes, getting organized should be on the top of your list! Small simple changes will help any of your big goals. Weather your trying to land that new job, get A's in college, or simply just be more organized we got you covered!

First things first buy a planner - trust us here it just makes everything easier. This way you can write your weeks out and see what you have time for and what you don't and making a schedule that's guaranteed to not stress you out.

Second stop waking up  20 minutes before you have to be out the door. It set's your whole day up for disaster. Get to bed at a decent hour- turn the Netflix off! Do things that will make your mornings easier pack your lunch the night before, plan your outfit so your not ripping through your closet.

Set your alarm for an hour before you have to be out the door. This way you can make yourself a little breakfast and think about your day and leave with out dashing through the door. We promise this is one of the best habits you can keep it really can de-stress the day and put you on the path to organization!

Alright Dolls we really think these EASY changes are what's going to make you stick to your goals! Whatever your goals may be right them down and make a realistic plan you can stick to!! good luck.
If you are going out for a night on the town for New Years Eve check out our Crystal Collection. It doesn't get much more glam than that. 

Happy New Years!
JBD Team




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