How To: Style the Little Black Dress

How To: Style the Little Black Dress

April 26, 2019

Hi Dolls!  How's everyone's week going!?!

We wanted to introduce a new blog segment that will occasionally be making an appearance, called "How To's".

"'How To's" will be a blog dedicated to sharing style tips from our entire JBD Team and Durrani Popal herself.

For our first How To, we decided to talk about the Little Black Dress.

An LBD can be iconic if worn the right way. They are always so easy and perfectly flattering.

You can dress up a LBD or dress it down, and we are going to break it down for you exactly how we do that below!


Dressing 'Up' the Little Black Dress

When you are dressing up the LBD, it's all about the accessories.

The Shoes -  Can change the dress’s entire vibe. You can pick something vibrant, gold or sparkly; sky's the limit with this one. The only rule to this is the rest of your accessories must now match with the shoes.

The Clutch -  Your bag can be a statement piece even more than your shoes if you enjoy that more. Again, the only rule for this is that you have to pick ether the shoes or the statement bag. This way you can avoid overdoing it.
Even though you are trying to dress up, the LBD less is more always applies.

The Jewels - Jewelry should tie the entire look together. You can ether layer some gold necklaces for and edgy dressed up vibe, or you can make another statement with either a stand out ring or statement earrings.

Of course we have suggestions for this department ;) 


Kylie CZ Ring Elite


Our Kylie Ring is ALWAYS  a statement on your finger, glistening with every move.

Classic CZ Ear Climber

These earrings are the definition of less is more while still making statement.


Initial Disk Chocker, Long Lariat necklace

Both necklaces are perfect for the edgy layered look.


Dressing 'Down' the Little Black Dress

Dressing Down the LBD the accessories still set the tone for the entire look.

The Shoes -  Keep it simple with this! Plain strapey black heels to keep it simple but stylish. If you are really trying to make it casual, you can rock a cute pair or sneakers with this look.

The Bag -  Again, your bag will want to be as simple as possible. Either an over the shoulder boohoo bag or a trendy 'fanny pack' or 'belt bag' will be perfect.

The Jewels - A few pieces of jewelry is still necessary to tie look together and keep it stylish. We suggest a great choker to keep it effortless. One could also pair it with a big pair of hoop earrings - they are always in style and a classic piece to add to this look.

Our Jewels Suggestions:

Classic Hoop Earring

We feel hoops make every outfit better ;) They are the one piece of jewelry that is just iconic.


Old English Chocker

This choker is perfect for adding to an LBD look with out going over the top.


We hoped you loved all those tips and tricks to dressing 'up' and 'down a Little Black Dress.

If you've learned anything we hope it's that accessories are everything ;)


JBD Team

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