How To Personalize Your Jewelry

How To Personalize Your Jewelry

July 22, 2020

Hi Dolls!
Jewelry can be so personal from who it came from, to a memory of wearing it on a special occasion.
We love to take things one step further at jewels and make fully customizable pieces. Ranging from rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants you name it we can customize it! 
Below we go over a few of our favorite ways we customize our jewels pieces... 

Old English Choker
A trendy choker you can personalize to say your name and express yourself!

Block Letter Necklace
We can't get enough of the block letter style! We have also seen our dolls get this style necklace and just get their initials which is another super cute option!

Zodiac Necklace
Obsessed with your Zodiac sign like we are then this personalized piece is for you! 

Actual Paw Print Disk Necklace
You'll always feel close to home with a piece of your pet around your neck! Personalize this necklace with your pets actual paw print!

Number / Year Necklace
Customize a piece with your lucky number, or your birth year!

Script Personalized Ring
You can even personalize the inside of the bands on these beautiful rings!

Multi - Name Necklace
We love these pieces, especially for mothers who put their kids names on this special necklace.

Custom Signature Necklace
This piece is so unique it can hold meaning more than just a simple signature the options are endless...

Those are just a few of our favorite ways to customize a signature jewelry piece's with plenty more options available on the website!

Check out our Jewelry pick of the week:


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