How to Keep Your Self-Esteem Up

How to Keep Your Self-Esteem Up

June 28, 2019

Hi Dolls!
Self-esteem and confidence is so important! 

Sometimes we get into ruts, for any reason maybe you're going through a break up or just feeling behind the eight. As a result of this your self confidence has taken a big hit. 

Whatever the problem may be we are here to share some tips to get your self esteem back up to par.

Do "Feel Good Things"


When you're on a spiral we often put aside all the things we love to do.
Do things you enjoy and that you're good at, whether its writing, dancing, decorating, or working out. Put this at the top of your list and don't make any excuses to getting yourself to do these activities. 

Doing these feel good activities will help you feel like you. Actually scheduling yourself to do these things will help you not put it off!

 New Look, New You

Get that haircut you've been wanting, we always say when one of our friends gets a new hair-do she means business! Maybe there's a new pair of shoes you'e been eyeing - or a new accessory - treat yourself! 
Revamping your look can help how you view yourself.

When we feel good about ourselves our self esteem goes up. We are less likely to be bothered by other's opinions when we have a good opinion of ourselves.


Reflect on Your Accomplishments

Take some time to just reflect. Think about all the times you were proud of yourself. All the big moments to the small accomplishments, they are all important. This is what makes you - you, the very essence of your being.

Think about how you got to all of these achievements and the capabilities you have for your future endeavors.

Reflecting on all the positive is so important. Too often we put ourselves down for little things. It's good to look at the big picture.

These are just a few simple tips that will help you boost up your confidence!

Remember to love yourself first.

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