How To Dress Like A Celebrity

How To Dress Like A Celebrity

March 01, 2019

Hi Dolls! 

We just finished watching the Oscars and we are LIVING for all the gorgeous dresses, and beautiful accessories.
Can we all take a moment to bow down to Lady Gaga? I mean, c'mon. Her performance was seriously amazing!

With this on the brain, we would like to talk about how we can dress and accessorize like the stars we admire.

Don't worry- we keep it real! Our prices are way lower than what the celebrities are paying. ;)

Ariana Grande.

We’re all currently OBSESSING over her right now.
Does everything she touch turn to gold (or should we say, a platinum album)? She’s dripping with jewelry that we all love and want in her 7 Rings video.

Our CZ Adjustable Baguette Choker is the perfect dupe for Ari's choker featured above. Also, our Cushion Cut Halo Ring is pretty much identical too. So what are you waiting for? Be like Ari and buy one for you, and 6 of your b*#ches... We know none of us are waiting around for a man to buy it. 


(King) Kylie Jenner.

Kylie is always here to slay. She’s iconic whether she’s 'dressed to the nines' or wearing a simple sweat suit. It's not what she’s wearing but how she’s wearing her comfy/casual looks that make us all jealous because let’s be real- the girl KNOWS how to accessorize!
Our Kylie CZ Rings are an exact dupe for the ones that are always seen on her. We named ours after her because she’s ALWAYS rocking them.
These rings are so on trend! They are one of our absolute favorites. Wearing them on every finger still wouldn't be enough!


Shay Mitchell. 

Shay is known for her delicate, chic looks. She lets her beauty make the statement... as it should!
Our Extra Tiny Name Necklace will have you twinning with Shay.
This piece is the perfect addition to any outfit. It will emphasize your natural beauty without over doing it. 


Kim Kardashian.

Can we really talk about fashion and not mention the Queen Kim K? Obviously NOT. 
Kim is always supporting a new iconic look. Her style is many different things- sexy, chic, trendy, innovative, and fashion forward.
Our Kim Earrings are a match made in heaven to replicate this look. Kim is making a classy statement where her hair is pulled back, and her earrings and natural beauty steal the show.
We hand picked our CZ stones for these 'Kim Earrings' because we knew they had to live up to their statement expectations.  They NEED to sparkle with every movement. ___________________________________________________________

We hope you've received inspiration from all of these looks...
Keep an eye on our Instagram for more celebrity looks and how they style their Jewels!
We are continuously posting our favorite IG influencers rocking their JBD pieces.

Go on now! Spoil yourself with some new bling!

As Ariana Grande would say, "I see it... I like it... I want it... I got it"

JBD Team

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