"How To" Airport Chic / Travel in Style

May 03, 2019

Hi Dolls !

We got so much love last week from introducing our "how to" segment that we thought we'd keep it going!

This blog is going to be all bout how to be airport chic!
What to wear to the airport to be comfortable and stylish.

Your travel outfits should be comfortable, functional and stylish.
As always don't worry we have you covered read below for our tips and tricks to kill it like a celeb ;)

Ashley Graham 

This is a super chic look to mimic! 

An all black based outfit is perfect for the airport.
All black can hide a lot more than a lighter outfit would.

If you spill something on yourself in possible turbulence or become wrinkled from sleeping a all black outfit will be more forgiving in showing any of that! 

Lili Reinhart

Bundling up for the airport is always smart.

Wearing your warmest jacket on the plane is always key.
You are not putting that extra weight in your luggage and it double as a blanket ;)

Plus if it's a big enough jacket it's an entire outfit paired with some loose fitting jeans and you're perfectly chic like Lili here.
Emilia Clarke

Emilia is killing the business class look right here.
Again with an all black base and oversized blazer for comfort while staying chic.

Sunglasses are a must for airport fashion to hide tired eyes or just get some shut eye with out everyone knowing!

Bella Hadid

Wearing your jewels instead of packing them is also essential. 

Packing your jewels can sometimes result in the necklaces becoming a big tangled mess.

To avoid; stacking all your jewelry through the airport will make for a stylish look and save you time and broken jewelry later!


Check out one of our iconic pieces our Classic Name Necklace that will be perfect for a travel accessory 

JBD Team

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