March 14, 2019

Hi Dolls!
How is everyone's work week going?!

If you're on vacation for Spring Break, we ENVY you...

We had an out pour of love for our last blog post. Apparently, all of our readers are on the same positive, lucky, appreciative vibe that we are feeling this week.

We appreciate that which made us want to add even more lucky charm pieces to our collection!

It makes sense seeing as this weekend is St. Patrick's Day, which matches our positive vibes.

Let's all throw on some cute charms and bring ourselves some "Luck of the Irish" for our weekend!

Check out some of our adorable pieces that matches the festivities and will help you manifest the luck you need in your life ;) 


Dainty Horseshoe Bracelet

Horseshoes are probably one of the most well known symbols for good luck. It is also supposed to protect against any form of evil and bring strength!

Look at how those CZ's sparkle, super cute!


Classic Claddagh Ring

This ring is an Irish tradition.

It represents love, loyalty and friendship; a message that we all can get behind.

This ring is a staple to so many of our doll's jewelry collections already, and we understand why!


Dainty Clover Necklace

We love this simple clover charm, it's a fun way to add some luck into your stack of necklaces!


Dainty Elephant Necklace

Elephants are a symbol of strength and power.

This piece makes for the perfect reminder to be strong and that you can handle anything!


We are all about meaningful jewelry... we love when your piece has an important message to it.

We hope you love these messages and share them with your friends!

Spend the weekend bringing each other up and spreading positive vibes!

Love you dolls!


JBD Team

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