Happy Halloween - Costume From My Closet

Happy Halloween - Costume From My Closet

October 29, 2019

Hi Dolls!

This Thursday is Halloween!
Last minute tends to be our style here at Jewels...especially when it comes to halloween costumes. We always find ourselves scrambling last second to put something together. So we decided to share all our fun ideas for a halloween costumes you can make right from your closet. 

A Gypsy

Alls you need for this costume is a white top and a mini skirt of some sort! You could do a black leather mini, red, or really any color you have. Layer on all of your gold jewelry, necklaces and rings will help put the outfit together.
To really tie this one in how you do the make up will make the look.  Add gold glitter everywhere and sparkle eye shadow for the glam look. Red eyeshadow will give the look a more creepy vibe. Adding red splatters on your make up will make it look like blood and will totally make your gypsy look spooky! The second photo is more inspo you can use to help you nail this look!

The Classic Black Cat

We know we know... this one is played out! But when you're in a rush and trying to put something together who doesn't have an all black outfit laying around the house. If you have any fo-fur vest's in your closet throw this on with an all black outfit and it will really tie in the look. For the make up alls you will need is black eyeliner and you can feather out your eyebrows for that feline look, refer to photo for inpso!

Mean Girls "She doesn't even go here"

We found this one on pinterest and was truly dying laughing at this! This is for our girlies who are just trying to make you laugh with their costume. Just pop on a blue hoodie, sunglasses and just tape the sign right on and you're good to go. This one is promised to get you some laughs all night long.

Brittany Spears in the 90's

Brittany has so many 90's Iconic looks. These looks are the easiest to Imitate. Her school girl look can be done with any plaid skirt, a white top with a sweater and long socks. For a couples costume you can even do her iconic denim on denim look, as Brittany and Justin.


We hope these last minuete Halloween ideas help you throw something together this spooky season! If any of this inspiration helped you please tag us on your looks.

JBD Team

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