Reflecting on our Good Luck!

Reflecting on our Good Luck!

March 12, 2019

Hi Dolls!

How was everyone's weekend?! 

At the start of each week we like to reflect on ourselves.

We reflect on our lives and how lucky we are to be doing what we love! We also reflect on how lucky we are for our friends, family and the abundance of love they show us.

This week's theme is all about being grateful for our lives and working towards our goals. Keeping that it mind, it still wouldn't hurt to wish a for a little boost of good luck.

We are continuously adding pieces to our collection(s) that reflect with the various "moods" we have.

Check out some of our pieces that promote good luck vibes below:


Luck CZ Horn Necklace

The symbol of the horn is known to ward off "evil" and to protect you from harm.

Add one of these cute horn necklaces to your JBD stack and protect yourself from negative vibes!


Lucky Charm Bracelet

We love a good charm bracelet! Throw this one on for good luck all day ;)



Lucky CZ Eye Stud Earrings

Legend has it the evil eye is another symbol known to ward off bad vibes.

Good vibes only over here!


Lucky Circle

This pendant is the perfect necklace to help bring that extra bit of luck you need into your life!


We hope you love our new lucky pieces and wear them to keep those bad vibes away!


JBD Team

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