Fashion Hacks that are Game Changers

Fashion Hacks that are Game Changers

June 12, 2019

Hi Dolls !

We are all for sharing our tips and tricks.

We have gathered our JBD teams best beauty hacks and we are here to share them!

Scroll on to learn some style time - savers you will swear by.


Oil Stains 

Oil is the stain NIGHTMARE, almost impossible to get out. 

This hack will be your lifesaver for all your oil spill on your clothes...

Poor a generous amount of baby powder on the oil spot and let it sit over an 8 hour period then proceed to wash the item of clothing.

This should do the trick and remove the stain!


"Runs" in your Tights

Hairspray is the secret to preventing nasty runs in your  tights, give your tights a quick spray to prevent or help from a run worsening. 


Red Wine Spills 

If you are ever out and someone spills red wine on you, run to get some white wine and blot the spill with the white wine. Soak the area completely with out rubbing.

It will take the stain out completely.

We've all used this hack a few times, works like a charm!



Denim is notorious for fading fast and changing colors, when you throw them in the wash.

The hack to avoid this is washing them inside out or put them in a ziplock bag and in the freezer over night they will loose their odor! 


We hope these few hacks will become a go to for you...

Let us know if you end up using a few of them... we love to hear feedback from our favorite blog subscribers.


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JBD Team

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