Shine Bright like a Diamond - Aries Season !!

Shine Bright like a Diamond - Aries Season !!

April 03, 2019

Hi Dolls!

Happy April!!! Spring has officially sprung. 

We have a whole office full of Aries at our JBD headquarters! Talk about finding a squad of girl bosses.

Everyone knows Aries are the leaders of the pack & first in line to get things going.

Diamonds are the birthstone for April, so naturally this blog post is going to be all about how to rock your diamonds or your CZ stones ;) ... Don't worry we won't tell! 


*Kylie Ring*

One of the reasons our favorite piece is the Kylie ring is because it is so versatile, it goes with everything.

The Kylie ring truly can compliment any outfit, any other jewelry or perfectly fine on its own.


*Casey Ring*

Another CZ staple to ring collection. Perfect worn alone, stacked as a multiple, or paired with any of our other stack-able rings.

Durrani loves to pair this with the Kylie ring.


*Cushion Cut Halo Ring*

Love this huge piece of bling! Who says you need a man to wear an engagement style ring ;)


*Dainty Solitaire Necklace*

With this necklace less is more. Letting the simple CZ make the entire statement.


*Script Crystal Name Necklace*

When you need your name to shine bright like a diamond.

The stunning crystal detailing with cubic zirconia stones further enhance the aesthetic appeal and really draw attention to the drama of this piece!


*Adjustable Baguette Bracelet V1*

This CZ bracelet is definitely not for the faint of heart, be prepared to make a statement with this Baguette bracelet!


We hope you adore these pieces as much as we do!

Channel your inner Aries and rock out in our perfect CZ pieces.

xoxoxo dolls 

JBD Team

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