Anti-Aging Secrets to Swear by for your Body

Anti-Aging Secrets to Swear by for your Body

November 06, 2019

Hi Loves! 
Aging. UGH, a topic we never like to think about....
Whether you're in your mid- 20s or just entered your 40s, it's natural to want to preserve your youth! While nothing can completely stop the aging process, there are few tricks you can do to slow down the appearance of aging. 
Read on to learn a few habits to help preserve your youth!


We know, we know, we tell you to drink water for every beauty related issue you're having. But we swear it's the best thing you can do for yourself is hydrate. It's like the KEY to glowing skin. Being properly hydrated can increase lean muscle, prevent jet lag, burn more calories, and reduce signs of aging. So be sure to get your eight ounces of water in a day! Did you know our girl Durrani doesn't drink alcohol. Alcohol can be very dehydrating and we swear that's why she has the best glowing skin, because of how healthy and hydrated she keeps herself.


When you are tired, and lacking sleep your body can't function at its prime. Getting  a good nights sleep, the proper 7-9 hours can't only help you feel rested but also reduce the risk of early aging. 

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Body Scrubs

Regular use of a shower body scrub is great for your skin for a number of reasons. Body scrubs help remove dead and dull skin, resulting in soft and healthier skin. Removing dead skin cells helps the appearance of aging and all around healthier glowing skin.

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Consistent Massages

We love this one, because it gives us another excuse to go get a massage! One of the top anti-aging things you can do for your body are getting regular massages. Massages help decrease lymphatic buildup that increases oxygen with vibrant blood flow to your skin cells. Also all of the kneading and rubbing gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This again is another way to remove dead skin cells and improves the skin conditioner and skin regeneration.

We hope you love these few healthy habits to help you naturally slow down the appearance of aging!


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