5 Things You Need to Accomplish this Summer

5 Things You Need to Accomplish this Summer

May 15, 2019

Hi Dolls! 

We are so excited for these upcoming summer months.

Summer time just brings that breezy cheer and feel good vitamin D, and is the perfect time to make a unique set of goals focused on self - reflection and improvement. 

With that in mind we'd like to share with you our top 5 we think everyone should need to accomplish by the end of August!


1.) Read More

Even if it's just one book, who cares! One is better than none.

Be selfish with your pick, you don't need to tell anyone what you're reading! Escaping into the book will do wonders for your soul.

If you don't have beach or pool time set aside, carve out some alone time you can loose yourself in someone else's story for a while.


2.) Splurge on a summer get away

Weather you book a week long trip to an island or a quite weekend oceanside just do it! 

You know you deserve it.  

Stop denying yourself the time you need. Get your closets friends or just you and your bae and get away and enjoy every second of it. 


3.) Stop Rushing

We’re all busy. In the winter, the weather is a great excuse to walk even faster as we rush our way from point A to point B. Don’t be ruled by a clock.

Don'e overbook your schedule, let yourself wander. Take a walk, pet a dog, look at a flower, or just savor the piece and quite you will allow yourself to have.


4.) Buy the risky bikini you've been eyeing

Stop body shamming yourself, into not buying something you know you can rock!

Love the skin you are in and rock the bikini.


5.) Try a new hobby

There are so many hobbies perfect for the summer months.

One is photography, there is so much to capture in the summer beautiful flowers, friend by the pool etc.

Improving your photography skills during the summer will also help you have tons of photos to remember this summer. 


We hope you love all these summer goals and hope it inspires you to make your own list!


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