CZ Tennis Chain

Stand out with our timeless CZ tennis chain

Part of our new FASHION PIECES collection! Let's all give a huge thanks to the big-time tennis player who inspired tennis style jewelry when she stopped in the midst of a match to pick up her broken diamond bracelet. 

With this necklace, you will receive the perfect timeless piece in your jewelry collection that sparkles with your every movement.


CZ'S are detailed in both silver and gold, and on the daintier side of our fashion collection. Don't tell anyone, but they might be our favorite!


Material: 14K Gold or Silver Plating over Brass 


Thickness: 4mm or 6mm


Length: 16"

We cannot guarantee this product will be in stock for much longer.

Due to it's Limited Edition and high demand, we also cannot guarantee that there will be anymore once it is completely sold out.


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