Love Knot Bangle

A knot is a symmetrical symbol that ties into itself without a visible beginning or end. Whether you are celebrating “tying the knot” and being bound by love with your soulmate forever or you are celebrating a special bond with a sibling, mother, friend, relative, etc; this is the perfect piece to reflect this life-long connection. Knots are eternal and strong like a bond that holds a family and/or friendship together. With the gorgeous detail in this bangle of subtle twists and turns, this love knot bracelets will become a stylish symbol of your special connection with your special person.

Material: Stainless Steel Bangle with Gold or Rose Gold Plating.

**Custom jewelry cards can be created upon request. These can include quotes such as: "Congrats on tying the knot!" "I can't tie the knot without you" and any custom message you may want!

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