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DASH DOLL, Nazy Farnoosh, wearing DASHDOLL & Arabic Name Necklace


Blogger, Zohra Sadat of, wearing Dainty Blue CZ Eye Necklace


Fit Girl, Cristal Garcia (@CP_G), wearing Arabic Name Necklace 


DASHDOLL, Stephanie Desouza, wearing custom DASHDOLL Necklace


DASHDOLL, Taylor Cuqua, wearing DASHDOLL Necklace


Blogger, Andrea Soto from, wearing Engraved Bar Necklace in Gold


Close up image of Blogger, Andrea Soto of, wearing Engraved Bar Necklace, Read more here



Featured Blog Article from, Durrani wearing Arabic Name Necklace & Black CZ Hamsa Eye Necklace.  Read more here



Andrea Soto of, wearing the Personalized Bar Necklace with this fun Yellow Dress. Read more here:



Durrani Popal & Stephanie DeSouza (Dash Dolls/E!) stopped by Skybar to talk with Tim & Ashleigh about dreaming about co-workers, bullying and who their favorite Kardashian is. Durrani is wearing her Stamped Bar Necklace & Stamped Initial Disk Necklace.

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Foreheads are beautiful, embrace what God gave you!

A photo posted by Khadijah Haqq McCray (@foreverkhadijah) on Sep 2, 2015 at 10:26am PDT

DASH DOLL, Khadijah (@ForeverKhadijah), wearing exclusive DASHDOLL Necklace



A photo posted by Khadijah Haqq McCray (@foreverkhadijah) on Sep 2, 2015 at 10:15am PDT

Close up of Khadijah's custom DASHDOLL Necklace


Interview with DASHDOLLS on ET, Khadijah wearing DASHDOLL Necklace, Read more here


Straight from the bosses mouth, Kim Kardashian says Durrani is the epitome of a Dash Doll


Durrani pictured with her boyfriend, Shalom, wearing her 'Black CZ Eye Hamsa Necklace' along with Arabic Name Necklace.  Sept 20th DASHDOLL premiere recap about these two love birds: Read More Here


 Bustle Article on Durrani.  Durrani is wearing her Arabic Name Necklace. Read Full Article Here


Fashion Blogger, Janice Joostema of, Instagram Post wearing 'Black CZ Hamsa Eye' Necklace


Daily Dish Article Spotlight on Jewels By Durrani, Read More Here


Exclusive Interview with Read Full Article Here


E! Online points out 11 ways Durrani was the "Ultimate Dash Doll" in Episode 2 of DASHDOLLS. Read full Article Here



Blog Article featured on, Durrani gives the inside scoop about JBD.  Read More Here


Snippit from International Business Times, Highlighting Durrani's Shiny Pink Birthday Gift! Read Full Article & Watch video Here

dailymail-article.jpg Article spotlighting Shalom's surprise gift for Durrani on Episode 2 of Dash Dolls! Watch and Read Here


college-degree.jpg article highlighting Jewels By Durrani. Read more here



Exclusive Interviwew by, highlighting Durrani in a nutshell.  Read Full Interview Here

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classy-ladies.jpg, exclusive interview with Durrani Popal.  Advice & More... Read Here


The gorgeous, Megan McKenna, wearing our "Black CZ Hamsa Eye"



Filmed an episode with Crazy Talk, such a great time!